Geomicrobiology and

Microbial Ecology


We study the nature, evolution, role adaptations and effects of microbes and their communities in their natural, present, and past habitats. Cyanobacteria are our typical study organism, but we are also interested in other bacteria, archaea, and fungi. Our research includes studies on the diversity and distribution of bacteria in natural communities, such as microbial mats and biological soil crusts. The interactions between microbial growth, photosynthesis and mineral formation, such as those seen in stromatolites. How microbes bore into mineral substrates is also one of our thrusts, as well as biological adaptatations to extreme environments studied at the physiological and biochemical level, for example the synthesis and regulation of microbial sunscreens. Finally, we want to know about the environments in which microbes have existed since their appearance on Earth and throughout time.

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