Hazardous Waste Pickup

Make sure waste is appropriate, as Risk Management will only accept:

  • Chemicals
  • Biowaste
  • Lamps
  • Batteries

Make sure container is appropriate

  • Condense all waste into as few containers as possible
  • All labels on bottles must be crossed out
  • Bottles must have tight, secure lids
  • DO NOT use biohazard bags for any waste that is not comprised of human tissue or human pathogens
  • Verify that bags are free from tears and leaks

Get a Hazardous Waste Tag (two drawers below hotplate in LSE422)

Fill tag out completely and legibly or waste will not be picked up

  • Chemical: list all chemicals in container using written out names (not chemical formulas)
  • ~~NOTE- they will not pick up any unknowns; everything must have a name~~
  • Amount: rough approximations are fine
  • Vol%: if known
  • Generator: Ferran Garia-Pichel
  • Phone: 727-7762
  • Date: date tag filled out
  • Dept: Microbiology
  • Building: LSE
  • Room: 404, 422, or 427
  • Category:
  • Solid/Liquid: this should reflect container’s contents, not actual contaminant
  • pH: if known

Attach tag to container and set in a visible area where it will not be moved

Contact Risk Management via

Be prepared to provide the following information

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Location of the waste (building, room number, and location within that room)
  • Description of the waste
  • Description of the containers (both type and number)
  • Confirmation that the waste has been tagged
  • Any questions regarding either the waste or the filling out of the tag

Expect to wait a few days before waste is picked up. If nobody comes for it, or it needs to get picked up quickly, call daily

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