ASU Facilities

Keck Bioimaging Laboratory – The W.M. Keck Bioimaging laboratory is a multi-user facility dedicated to imaging from the macroscopic to the microscopic level. Multiple instruments are housed in the laboratory. A wide range of microscopes are available, including scannning laser confocal microscopes and atomic force microscopes.

ASU SIMS Laboratory – The ASU SIMS was funded by the NSF in 1984 to conduct research in the general field of quantitative secondary ion mass spectrometry. This field area includes research in ion source design, secondary ion transmission, and alternate uses of the sensitive mass spectrometer, as well as conventional SIMS analyses in the earth and materials science.

Goldwater Environmental Lab – The Goldwater Environmental Laboratory (GEL) is a shared-use facility available to all research staff, faculty, and students of all disciplines.

DNASU – DNASU is a sequencing core facility that uses latest sequencing platforms and bioinformatic tools to deal with all kind of projects involving DNA or RNA sequencing.

Microbiome Analysis Lab – The Microbiome Analysis lab is our partner for 16S rDNA libraries preparation and sequencing.

Program and Partnership

Astrobiology at ASU – As a member of NASA’s Astrobiology Institute, Arizona State University is fulfilling the goals of exploring the living universe: origin, evolution, and distribution of life in the solar system.

(CAP-LTER) Project – The Central Arizona-Phoenix Long–Term Ecological Research (CAP LTER) project provides an important addition to LTER research by focusing on an arid land ecosystem profoundly influenced by human activities. – Includes information about Biological Soil Communities

General Resources

Eduscapes – Introduction to Soil Crusts

Arizona Soils – A compendium of knowledge about Arizona soils hosted by The University of Arizona Library.

Cyanobase – A genome database for cyanobacteria, CyanoBase provides an easy way of accessing the sequences and all-inclusive annotation data on the structures of the cyanobacterial genomes.

“Microbial Mat Page” – Provides a general description of microbial mats, focusing on their roles in sedimentation processes. The site is run by Dr. Jürgen Schieber from the University of Texas, Arlington.

USGS – The United States Geological Survey website contains a large collection of references, documents, reports, maps, etc.

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