Ordering Information

If you are not the Research Technician

  • Decide what you want
  • Get a catalogue from outside LSE422 and look up pertinent information :
    • Actual and complete item name,
    • Company name, mailing address, and phone number,
    • Catalogue number,
    • Unit sold (eg each, packet of six),
    • Price per unit
  • Neatly put the catalogue back in alphabetical order (ie where you got it)
  • Give this information, along with amount desired to the technician along with any special concerns (eg rush delivery)
  • Wait 7 to 10 days

NOTE: you must provide the aforementioned information to the technician even if you place an order with the credit card

If you are the (acting) Research Technician

  • Make sure you are provided all necessary infomation from the grad student/professor
  • Get the order approved by Dr. Garcia-Pichel, and ask which grant to use for the order
  • Get a green departamental order form from the file cabinet
  • Fill out the form, using completed ones as templates to answer any questions
  • Get Dr. Garica-Pichel to sign it
  • Photocopy the form, and turn the original over to Kristy Bolen (LSE 210)
  • File the photocopy according to grant number under the “incomplete” heading
  • Upon arrival, double check accuracy and condition of item(s)
  • If there are no complications:
    • Write “received okay” on packing slip along with date
    • Photocopy slip
    • Give original slip to K. Bolen
    • Attach photocopy of slip to photocopy of order form
    • File photocopies appropriately (according to year and account number)
  • If there are complications:
    • Leave order as inctact as possible
    • Find order form and double check order
    • Take both packing slip and order form to K. Bolen (LSE 210) and explain the problem
    • From here, everything will be situation-specific
  • It is your responsibility to keep track of orders and make sure they arrive. Many companies will not contact ASU if there is a problem with the order, be it their fault or ours.

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